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Physical Therapy Services

Diligence Physical Therapy and Wellness is a mobile practice located in Arizona.

We provide mobile (in-home) services to Mesa and Gilbert, Arizona

We provide virtual telehealth physical therapy and wellness services to Arizona residents.

Our business model allows for optimal scheduling flexibility for our patients.

The Diligence Difference

At Diligence Physical Therapy and Wellness, we believe in the importance of getting to the root of your pain, addressing it head on, and getting lasting pain relief.

Our goal is to give you all the tools you need to relieve pain, keep the pain from coming back, and prevent future injuries.

We do this using our 3 Step Process

Diligence Physical Therapy and Wellness

3-Step Process To Get You Back Doing What You Love


Oftentimes, treatment plans seem to be centered on addressing the symptoms of pain...at Diligence we get to root of your pain so we can address it head on for relief that LASTS.



Once we know the source of your pain, we develop a plan specifically for you to address these problem areas with hands on techniques as well as exercises you can do at home.


Once your pain subsides and we address the problem areas, we continue to work on improving the way you move so that your pain doesn't keep coming back.

We know how frustrating it is to live with pain and injury and feel like you have to choose between pushing through pain and missing out on life. We don't want that for you. Our goal by the end of our plan of care is for you to know as much as we do about your pain and injury so that you know exactly what to do to relieve the pain and keep the pain or injury from returning.

This process takes time, but it will be worth it!

Conditions We Treat

Here are just a few of the conditions we treat. Need help with something that isn't listed? Click the link below to book a call with a member of our team!


Lisa S.

"I have been able to resume my daily walks"

"Megan did an outstanding job for me when I came to her with significant lower back/sciatic pain and stiffness. She began our session asking me questions about my pain and how it impacted me. She then proceeded to do a physical assessment. Along the way she explained what she was doing and why. After her assessment, she performed a hands-on treatment followed by a guided set of exercises that I could also do on my own at home. Megan's treatment improved my symptoms immediately. I am faithfully doing the exercises she prescribed and my pain and stiffness has continued to decrease. Thanks to her, I have been able to resume my daily walks and the other daily activities that had been too painful for me before I met with her. Thank you!"

Emily S.

"She helped me manage some severe nerve pain after surgery"

"Megan came to my house the same day that I asked if she could make time to see me. The quality of treatment was high, as was her standard of care. She helped me manage some severe nerve pain after surgery which helped me get some much needed rest."

Stacie V.

"Her home exercises helped me make progress in just two weeks!"

"Megan was amazing! She called and scheduled with me within minutes of my interest form being submitted. She was at my home only a few days later helping me with my hip and back issues. She came well prepared and was very clean, wiping down her table and gear before and after each visit. I appreciated her amazing insight and her knowledge of my ailments! Her home exercises helped me make progress in just two weeks! Huge thanks to Megan and all her expertise!"


Diligence Physical Therapy and Wellness PLLC, is owned by Dr. Megan Ehrlich, PT, DPT. Nothing on this website is medical advice and no therapist-patient relationship is formed by purchasing or viewing an online resource or purchasing an online program/course. If you have a specific problem and need medical advice, contact a healthcare provider in your area or book an appointment with Dr. Megan


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