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Our Story. Our Purpose. Our Mission.

My name is Dr. Megan and I am the owner of Diligence Physical Therapy and Wellness. I founded Diligence Physical Therapy and Wellness in 2020. At this time, I was working full time as a physical therapist with a specialty in chronic pain. In 2020, my patients were getting sick, losing their jobs, dealing with unprecedented levels of stress, anxiety, and with that, chronic pain that was only getting worse. Things that had worked for them in the past weren't helping because the things influencing the pain such as stress, change in routine, and even being sick were getting worse. Unfortunately, these stressors and life shifts have changed for a lot of people and even if they did, the physical, mental, and emotional pain is still there. During this time, I was also battling COVID and Pneumonia myself and was living through the uncertainty of what my career would look like moving forward.

​I knew I had to do something different…for myself, my patients, and for people I hadn’t even met yet but knew they needed help relieving pain, relieving stress, and developing coping mechanisms. That is what led me to open Diligence Physical Therapy where I could provide online resources and support and in-home physical therapy to better meet my patient's needs.

At Diligence Physical Therapy and Wellness, I provide you with the same care I would provide my own family (and I do, I treat several family members). I understand the importance of spending time with friends and family, needing to work, and wanting to be present in life which means flexibility with care, AND quality care that allows you to do these things without pain and injury holding you back.

My mission is to provide pain relief resources to adults who are stuck between a rock and a hard place. My goal is to provide both in person resources and online resources to adults who need a better solution than medication or just hoping things will change. I want to provide you with solutions to feel in control of your pain and their lives even when other things seem out of their control.

Diligence Physical Therapy and Wellness Treatment Philosophy

We believe in the importance of listening to your body, adapting to how you're feeling day to day, and how you are responding to each individual session. Each session will start with an assessment of how you are currently moving and feeling with appropriate adjustments made during treatment.

Diligence Physical Therapy and Wellness does not believe in "no pain, no gain"....we are all for working hard, but we don't believe that pain for the sake of pain or "feeling something" is beneficial.

We understand the importance of educating you every step of the way during treatment so you completely understand WHY certain interventions are being used so that you can replicate the process for lasting relief and we are here to give you the treatment, support, and resources for lasting pain relief, injury prevention, and helping your body become resilient so you can live life the way you want to.

Meet our Founder!


Dr. Megan Ehrlich, PT, DPT

Dr. Megan earned her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Northern Arizona University Phoenix Biomedical Campus in 2017. Megan started her journey with physical therapy at the age of 7 after sustaining an injury and has participated in physical therapy as a patient throughout her life, giving her valuable insight to the patient experience. Megan is passionate about treating patients with chronic pain conditions and nerve mediated pain as she herself was diagnosed with a chronic pain condition as an adolescent and has worked to manage this pain. Megan is excited for the opportunity to help others realize their potential and barriers and conquer their pain to get back to doing the things they love.

Megan specializes in managing nerve mediated pain and is trained through the Barral Institute in Neural Manipulation to address these conditions. Megan also specializes in the treatment of dizziness and vertigo and is a certified in Vestibular rehab and Concussion through the American Institute of Balance.


Lisa S.

"I have been able to resume my daily walks"

"Megan did an outstanding job for me when I came to her with significant lower back/sciatic pain and stiffness. She began our session asking me questions about my pain and how it impacted me. She then proceeded to do a physical assessment. Along the way she explained what she was doing and why. After her assessment, she performed a hands-on treatment followed by a guided set of exercises that I could also do on my own at home. Megan's treatment improved my symptoms immediately. I am faithfully doing the exercises she prescribed and my pain and stiffness has continued to decrease. Thanks to her, I have been able to resume my daily walks and the other daily activities that had been too painful for me before I met with her. Thank you!"

Emily S.

"She helped me manage some severe nerve pain after surgery"

"Megan came to my house the same day that I asked if she could make time to see me. The quality of treatment was high, as was her standard of care. She helped me manage some severe nerve pain after surgery which helped me get some much needed rest."

Stacie V.

"Her home exercises helped me make progress in just two weeks!"

"Megan was amazing! She called and scheduled with me within minutes of my interest form being submitted. She was at my home only a few days later helping me with my hip and back issues. She came well prepared and was very clean, wiping down her table and gear before and after each visit. I appreciated her amazing insight and her knowledge of my ailments! Her home exercises helped me make progress in just two weeks! Huge thanks to Megan and all her expertise!"


Diligence Physical Therapy and Wellness PLLC, is owned by Dr. Megan Ehrlich, PT, DPT. Nothing on this website is medical advice and no therapist-patient relationship is formed by purchasing or viewing an online resource or purchasing an online program/course. If you have a specific problem and need medical advice, contact a healthcare provider in your area or book an appointment with Dr. Megan


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